On the Ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel

Yucatecan lunch at Casa Denis

Playa Azul Hotel Lobby

Balcony view from Room 401 at Playa Azul

Towel Swan at Playa Azul

Our excellent room #401 at Playa Azul

Ripples invite you into the clear waters

Senor crab out for the evening



Cerveza Superior y mi pie

Sun is setting on Playa Azul

Waking up by the sea

A window to the sea

Good morning, Playa Azul

Shallow waters sparkle in the early light

Mantaraya putting out of Puerto Abrigo

Leaving Puerto Abrigo with Fernando on the MantaRaya

Mantaraya passing the ferry dock at San Miguel del Cozumel

Metallic crab and eel at Dzul Ha

Octopus at Dzul Ha

Manta Ray at Cardona Reef

School at Paradise Reef

Spiny Lobster at Paradise Reef

Returning from excellent snorkeling with Fernando

I can\

Fantastically clear blue waters

Evening at the Playa Azul hotel

Palapas providing shade

Sunset at Playa Azul

Beach Bar

Azure aqua sapphire teal turquoise tropic ultramarine blue

Adirondack with an ocean view

A couple sitting by the ocean

Sea spray is wet