Original Kitchen 1

Original Kitchen 2

Ugly sink.  Yuk!

Leaky sink makes for nasty cabinet

Say goodbye

Preparing for delivery of Kraftmaid cabinets

Over 1000 pounds delivered to our dining room

Easy-reach corner base cabinet ¡Abierto!

Easy-reach corner base cabinet ¡Cerrado!

Curious cat, Luna

Malina keeping on top of things

Let the destruction begin - April 4 2005

The 220V line is already there!

Goodbye sink

Scott DeLorenzo and his assistant

The stove looks lonely and dejected in the corner

Sal Curro and company demolishing the old tile floor

No floor

Where the refrigerator used to be

Where the sink used to be

Our breaker box.  Does that 220V line connect up?



A half wall half built

James Cardinale roughing in the under cabinet lighting

The garbage disposal gets a wall switch

Wall cabinets go up on the second day

Really rough corner angle soffit

Grilled steak, tomato salad, and bottle of wine.

Half wall gets electrical and wallboard

Electrical lines for hockey-puck halogens.

Base cabinets are being shimmed

Day three and all the cabinets are installed

Our brand new fridge sits prominently in our dining room.

Doors doors doors

Long kitten

Kitten in plastic

Luna inspecting the detritus

Nice rails

Corner cabinet

Mmm, beer.

Day four and the doors go up

Doors and range hood

Scott does good work

Doors and drawers

Wall panel is 3/4 inches, wall skin would have been 3/8 inches

Day four

Day nine and Sal lays down the tile floor

Tile floor, and the oven in place for the countertop templater

The tile floor

Dishwasher in place

The front panel interferes with the base cabinet door

The hinges are adjustable.  Hopefully a thicker countertop will solve the problem

Still can\

Better get 1-1/4 inch countertop

Pendants from Capitol lighting

First look at undercabinet halogens

Big old plug for our stove.

Sink plumbing and garbage disposal

Grout is sealed, and transition installed

Appliances are in place.

Georgia Pacific countertops.  Classy.  Day 23 and we got a temp sink.

Our new Kenmore dual fuel range

50,000 BTUs of Blue Flame

Space Black Zodiaq countertop - on May 10 2005 (after a month delay)

Countertop under halogens

Kitten colored countertop with actual kitten

Countertop installed

Countertop 2

Grohe Ladylux Cafe faucet installed - over a month without a real sink!

Aah water

Still life

Tile backsplash, but no grout

Backsplash grouted - sink area

Have to paint the soffit, have to remove the doors

All doors removed. Lots of open storage and an ugly soffit.

Painted soffit

Painted soffit and touched up ceiling

Doors are back up (144 screws and a simple screwdriver involved)

Finally the kitchen clock is back up

Work area and bar

Sink and dishwasher

Stove and stuff

Kenmore Elite Dual Fuel goodness

Water on stainless steel sink

View from work area

Finished Kitchen

Finished Kitchen